Behind The Magician's Curtain : The Real American Wrestling Critics & The Ambrose Asylum

After Shawn Michaels was rude and dismissive of my girlfriend, mocked my YouTube Project, and, to top it all off, spat at me from a moving car on September 29th 1997, I no longer felt bad about the incident with Al Snow at Denny’s. All I did that day was make a wise crack remark that was intended to express my sympathy for him being mobbed by fans while he was trying to eat.

I no longer felt like I was a burden and the desire to be acknowledged by the WWE was reignited, so my friend Bob the 86er and I started what we called: The Real American Wrestling Critics.

On January 4th 2012 Bob and I launched our Youtube show, a weekly review show of WWE, Impact and RoH. We kept up the best that we could and our focus was primarily the WWE. We would dress up as parodies  of WWE wrestlers from the Golden Age and Attitude Era and have fun little skits run throughout the Show. We kept it running strong for about a year, the most interesting thing that came of the show was that near the end of our first year it seemed as if the WWE adopted some of our ideas, or else it is just a coincidence that Cesaro and Jack Swagger formed the tag-team known as The Real Americans a little over a year after we had been doing the show. The Real American Wrestling Critics had a fun run, we made some hilarious skits and had some awesome responses from wrestlers on Twitter, like: Roddy Piper and Mick Foley.

My friends and family noticed how dedicated we were to producing The Real American Wresting Critics and encouraged me to go back to school for something related to the field, so I did and enrolled at The New School of Radio and Television in Albany, NY. This led me to working with and interviewing the wrestlers I have.
During the time I worked with Dalton Castle at Q103 I would have another unfortunate encounter with a WWE Superstar.

WWE came to town for Monday Night Raw at the local arena and Dean Ambrose showed up at the station for an interview with Dalton, before the interview began I slipped into the studio where the interview was being held and introduced myself to Dean. I shook his hand but he did not seem very happy to do so, I told Dean that I loved his finisher, which was a unique Headlock DDT at the time, and Dalton suggested that Dean perform his finisher on me. Dean laughed it off and said “I have no reason too”.
I was wearing a Detroit Red Wings shirt underneath my hoodie, knowing that Dean is from Ohio, I opened my shirt and asked if me being a Red Wings fan would be a good enough reason. We all laughed it off and I left the room before I could make a bigger ass of myself.

I thought that meeting Dean Ambrose went badly but not too badly…. Until I heard his interview with Dalton where Dean specifically uses me as an example of an annoying fan. To make things worse, later that night, he changed his finisher from the Headlock DDT to the Double Arm DDT, I'm still in a state of disbelief to this day because I want to like Dean Ambrose, but I think he hates me….. I want to like Dean Ambrose, but I think he hates me…..


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