Reviews With The Quickness

Here’s what we didn’t get to this week… Read & expand your mind!!!!!

Iron Fist 73 - Danny returns home to his New York penthouse & we learn he has Shou Lao The Undying in a glass cage in the apartment. Yep, a dragon in an apartment… Oh, Danny goes to a bar & recruits Sabretooth to help him catch Constrictor (really???) who broke into his apartment & stole something for the bad guys from Liu Shi.

Royals 9 - Medusa has gone gray & is doing adult things with Gorgon. Flint is mutating. The team reaches the home of their creators & are seemingly killed by a giant robot.

All New Guardians of the Galaxy 11 - We find out the Talon who fought Star Lord was Robbie Rider’s (Nova) brother (a former Nova himself) who was captured & turned bad. That’s it… Nothing else…

Justice League 30 - Black stuff overwhelms the Justice League & turns them into zombie bad guys who will destroy the world. The villainess is Hippolyta, who is not really a villain.

Green Arrow 32 - It’s a Dark Nights Metal tie-in with Ollie fighting with Damian, Dick, Mr. Terrific, Harley & others. The Titans & Suicide Squad are already captured & Harley is soon as well. Damian fights a dark Robin. We find out Nth metal hurts the baddies. Dr Fate helps them escape. Ollie is the only person on Earth who can get through to Damian.

Superman 32 - Deathstroke has a special suit that helps deflects Superman’s powers. He “attempts” to kill Lois, but was actually luring Supes. Later, Deathstroke blows up a refinery to lure Lois, who he captures & then tests Supes to see what he would do. Of course, he won’t kill Deathstroke, but rescues Lois & stops the refinery fire. Oh, Amanda Waller was behind it all.


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