The Magic Moving Game Box - The Top 10 List by Matthew

There have been many great games throughout video game history, as well as many truly awful games. Today I am going to give you a list of my top ten favorite games of all time. Some you will probably agree with instantly and others you may question what I’m thinking. These games will not be limited to one genre or gaming system.
10. Super Mario Bros 3 NES
This game in my opinion is probably the best game period for the NES. This game introduced the save system to the Mario games and included many new items for Mario to accessorize with. Who here did not absolutely love the Tanooki Suit. This game is also notable for introducing the Koopa Kids into the Mario games.
9. Wolfenstein PC
The games look doesn’t hold up today with its pixelated graphics but this was the first FPS game I ever played. And come on, what kid does not want to shoot themselves some Nazis.
8. Star Wars Rogue Squadron N64
This game let you live the Star Wars Universe’s space battles. Featuring battles from the movies and all new battles you were able to pilot of variety of ships including X-wings, Y- Wings, Tie Fighters, and Tie Interceptors. I remember playing this game daily for hours in high school.
7. Justice League Heroes PS2
This game is on my list simply for the fun of playing multiplayer with friends. It’s play style is very similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance but there was just something magical to me to play as Superman and Batman and have an epic showdown with Doomsday. 
6. Star Wars Shadows of the Empire N64
In my opinion, the first truly great Star Wars game. Doesn’t hurt that the game is based on one of the greatest Star Wars novels of all time.
5. WWE Smackdown Here Comes the Pain PS2
The best roster ever in my opinion. This game boasted a fun and intuitive season mode with loads of character specific cutscenes. This was probably the last truly great WWE game.
4. Super Mario Bros NES
This was the original Mario game and established the legacy. Nuff said.
3. Mario Kart WII
This game was an addiction. I can think of many, many nights of having a houseful of friends and trash talking each other while we played this game for 8-10 hours straight.
2. Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS2/Xbox
This game just had an epic feel to it and I could spend hours playing this game and never get bored. This game had a huge selection of heroes and vilians from the movies you could select as perks.
1.  Super Mario 64 N64
First open world Mario game setting the stage for many games to come in the series. Interested to see if Super Mario Odyssey can live up to the high bar this game has set.
So here is my list. Hopefully if you haven’t experienced all these great games, this will give you something to seek out and play. Most of these games should be able to be found on online for a minimal cost.


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